My Military Service

Military portrait of Linda Adams
Taken the first day in Basic Training, 1989

When did Linda serve in the Army?

The dates were March 1989 to December 2001. This included a short stint in the Reserves, active duty, and National Guard. I got out two months after September 11 happened.

What rank were you?

I was an enlisted soldier. Because I had almost 100 credit hours of college, I came into basic training as a Private First Class. That’s not much different than a Private, but it did mean more pay. I was promoted during Desert Storm to Specialist, and got out with that rank.

What did you do in the military?

I was trained as a truck driver (Motor Transport Operator). However, my two units found out I could type, and I wound up doing administrative duties. At my first duty station, I worked in the training room. At my second duty station, I worked in the orderly room.

Where was Linda stationed in the military?

Mostly at Fort Lewis, Washington. I was supposed to transfer to Germany, but when Desert Storm kicked off, my orders were cancelled and I deployed there. After Fort Lewis, I was transferred to Washington, DC. to a joint service agency.

I did my basic training and military job training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. In the summer.

When were you in Desert Storm?

I deployed from Fort Lewis on October 28 and returned home in early March when my mother passed away.

Linda Adams poses for camera in desert combat uniform
Me attending President Bush’s speech in 1991

What awards did you receive?

These are in the order of precedence.

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