SF/Fantasy Books

GALCOM Universe Series

New out in 2019!

Beach with planet in the horizon.  Cover for Sentry Ghost.
GALCOM Universe Short Story
Cover for Last Stand, showing a man in a spacesuit
GALCOM Universe Novella
Cursed Planet cover with Hope Delgado in a space suit
A spaceship wrecked on a planet
Crying Planet cover showing a spaceship hovering in orbit as a shuttle departs

Other Fiction

Cover for Rogue God

Short Story Collections

A ghostly woman with glowing red eyes stands by a barren tree
Woman with battle axes approaches ruins at sunset
Cover for 10 Fantasy Stories I
Cover for Five Fantasy Heroines

Cover for 5 Futuristic Women

Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

Woman stands on shore with a lantern
Woman in 1800s dress burning a paper next to a window
Princess holding a sword, alone in the dark woods, and facing danger
Woman solider with bow, mountains in bckground
Cover for Cartographer of Fotunes
Woman conjuring up fiery skull
Cover for A Quartet of Clowns
Fairy against a full moon and sparkling water
Woman seated on bench at night, with lantern.
Cover for Sky Hair, a planet against a cliff backdrop
Full moon with bats flying in front of it.
Brain with lightning
Tall ship sailing against the sunrise - cover for Men from the Horizon
A woman space soldier stretches.
A spaceship hovers above an alien landscape, a planet in the background
Flying saucer hover over tree covered mountain
Cover for New Robot Smell
Tall ship in the harbor at night
Woman standing next to a ghost
Cover for Haunted Space Station
Cover for Nothing Town
Cover for Dark, From the Sea
Back of man with digital code on his skin
A tall ship on the water


Woman walking through tunnel