My Books

My books are available on all digital platforms.  Click a link on the drop for specific genres and non-fiction.  I’m working on the site right now to make it easier to find my books, so changes are coming.

A set of books
STORY BUNDLES: These are a great way to get a lot of books and find new writers.

A spaceship heads for a planet at full speed

GALCOM UNIVERSE STORIES: I grew up reading science fiction and wanting to adventure in space. Have fun exploring!
Father and daughter watching space shuttle launch
SCIENCE FICTION STORIES: Join me on adventures in space and time with my science fiction stories.
Woman knight with swords in defensive position
FANTASY STORIES: Visit fantasy worlds where women wield magic and swords.
Girl sleuth looks for clues with a flashlight at night under a full moon
MYSTERY STORIES: I grew up reading Nancy Drew and watching Scooby Doo. Check out my mysteries.
MILITARY STORIES: Wander in and check out my books about the military
Cat dozing off by blue pencil and notebook
Onward to see some books about the craft of writing


  1. Spaceship flying to Earth  © Elena Duvernay |
  2. Watching the space shuttle © Konstantin Yuganov |
  3. Female Knight © Junichi Shimazaki |
  4. Girl Sleuth discovers a Clue © Sarah Shore |
  5. USA Dog Tags © Leigh Prather |
  6. Scottish Fold cat falls asleep © Koldunova |