Short Stories

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Woman with battle axes approaches ruins at sunset Cover for 10 Fantasy Stories I

Cover for Five Fantasy Heroines



Dog tags against a brown background

Cover for 5 Futuristic Women







Short Stories

Woman kneels in water, looking at a glow under the surfaceCover art for Curseo of the Cat

Cover for River Flight    Cover for Booby-Trap at Beaver River showing a woman standing on a cliff

Cover for Cartographer of Fotunes   Cover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet

Woman seated on a rock on the beach, looking out at the water    Cover for A Quartet of Clowns

Cover for Dance of the Wind Chimes    Woman seated on bench at night, with lantern.

Between Black and White  Cover for Sky Hair, a planet against a cliff backdrop

Seated woman holding a lantern in front of her.

Full moon with bats flying in front of it.     Brain with lightning

Cover for Baby Dolls and Aliens    Tall ship sailing against the sunrise - cover for Men from the Horizon

A woman space soldier stretches.     A spaceship hovers above an alien landscape, a planet in the background

Dog tags resting against a military uniform

Cover for Alien Traps

Cover for New Robot Smell       Cover for Silence Drips into Color

Tall ship in the harbor at night

Woman standing next to a ghost

Silhouette of woman walking on beach  Cover for Strands of Blackmail







Cover for Haunted Space Station   Cover for Granny Logic







Cover for Nothing Town          Cover for Dark, From the Sea







Back of man with digital code on his skin    A tall ship on the water