Apologizing for What’s in Our Stories?

Kitten sleepily looks up from wool scarf

Last week, Tamora Pierce’s new book Tempests and Slaughter came out.  Long-awaited for me.  I love reading her books.

But animals also die in her books.

I don’t mind that because she portrays them as characters.  They carry the same weight as human characters.  If we mourn the loss of a human character, we mourn the loss of an animal character.

Are others offended that animals die in her books?


I’ve had problems with thrillers.  If a cat or dog makes an appearance in one of those, I’m done.  I stop reading.  Most the writers of those books kill the animal to show how evil the kill is.  In one book, I was pretty sure the writer was fictionally killing off the cat his wife had forced him to have.

Do other people read through those books and enjoy them?


Chihuahua holding a pink rose in his mouth, giving a soulful look.

It’s part of writing stories that we have to push at our boundaries.

And sometimes make people uncomfortable.

Star Trek also did that.

It’s one of the reasons the show has endured despite 50 years.  No one apologized.  They simply did.

But as I was driving into work this morning, I heard a story about the new Peter Rabbit movie.  Seemed that a scene offended people so the movie company apologized.

I haven’t seen the film, but the scene sounded like teenage bullying…with rabbits.  So we can’t use movies to bring up bullying?  Or that it should only be in a certain way?  That the readers aren’t capable of figuring things out for themselves?

Sometimes books and movies are a safe place to push at a boundary.  Star Trek was great because it was set in the future and could be escapist at the same time.  But now, somehow, it’s become the thing not to offend.

Yeah, there are people like artists who do something for the shock value.  Then there are those who bring their experiences to the story and show us a different perspective.  They make us think.

Problem is that people can be offended by pretty much anything.

Tiny man standing on laptop, pointing at screen, horrified

So we rob our society of the ability to do social commentary of differing viewpoints.  We end up with the watered down “committee” stories because people are afraid a reader will call offense.

Star Trek is still relevant today.  Yet, Chris Pine, the “new” Captain Kirk says we couldn’t make show like that today.

Think about that.  Think about that a long time.


Library Cat’s Job Is Saved

This reminded me of when I was in college.  The library, of course, had a library cat.  The cat was called Libby (bet you can guess why).  He looked like the cat from this article, in fact, though he was wild and didn’t want humans around except for the plate of food!

From NPR: Why the city council of White Settlement, Texas, decided to fire Browser, mascot and rodent hunter of the public library is not clear, but the vote two weeks ago was 2-1 to banish Browser…

Source: Library Cat’s Job Is Saved

Cats and Physics – Who Knew?

This was a scientific study in Japan about how cats use physics to hunt.  Plus plenty of cat pictures!

Desert Storm: Christmas in Saudi Arabia

Christmas was only 34 days since Thanksgiving, but the changes were like night and day. It was like the war was reaching ahead of itself to us, in anticipation of what might happen. Thanksgiving was definitely not a normal day, right from President Bush’s visit to the big meal, and even the decorations.

At this point during Desert Shield, I’d received very little mail from home. In fact, I’d primarily received bills. My mother, who wrote her parents every day, wasn’t writing anything at all. That was one of the hardest things about being deployed so far away and in an environment where communication was a challenge. The world continued to happen, while I was stuck in a time bubble, and I didn’t know what was going on.

Christmas started out really like the day before and also like the day after. The world was brown and olive drab. No decorations, no Christmas tree. We had our first formation. Then one of our 40 foot trucks pulled up with a box trailer. It was filled with packages sent from the United States to “Any Soldier.”

Package after package was brought to us, so many it was overwhelming. Most of it was toiletry kind of stuff, and hard candy. Basic supplies had been hard to get initially, so everyone was still sending more to us. We received so much candy that we were sick of it and lobbing bags of it into trucks as they stopped at fuel point. The nicest thing I got was addressed to “Any soldier who was a cat lover.” Someone sent pictures of their cats.

It was nice to see that so many people did care, and it did usher in a feeling of Christmas spirit that sometimes gets lost during the holidays with all the commercialism.

But only a few hours later, we were back to work, readying for the war coming in 24 days.

Tales of the White Cat

This has been a nice fall so far.  The weather in Washington, DC usually bounces up and down — gets really cold, then gets really hot, and then everyone gets sick.  It’s been cool, with the wind a bit gusty, like nature knows it has to come along and blow the leaves off the trees.  Not much in the color changes yet though.

So I went out early in the morning for a walk around the neighborhood.  The gray squirrels were busy digging at the grass with their tiny paws and burying nuts.  Up ahead of me, I saw this flash of white on the street:  A cat.

Okay, I definitely wanted to stop and pet the cat and say hi.  I figured the cat wouldn’t go near me.  You know how cats can  be.  I kept walking on the sidewalk and calling to the cat.  He disappeared for a moment, and I figured he’d gone under a car.

One of the squirrels darted in front of me, so I stopped and waited for him to finish his squirrel business.

Four houses away, the cat appeared on the sidewalk and headed for me.  At a cat walk.  Not the slinky walk cats have when they’re not in a hurry.  It was more of a fast walk, like when food is coming out.

So I stood there and waited, and the cat trotted right up to me with some serious head bumping, and his engine got started right away.  He was a bit chunky for a cat, but had feathery white fur.  Very soft.  He got some serious spoiling, and we both enjoyed every minute of it!

Pocket Kitten

Cuteness alert!

Army versus Cat: Who Wins?

This is a pretty cute video of a paper soldier army versus a ginger cat.


When Kittens Attack – Video

Just some cute for hump day. Enjoy!

No! You Can’t Use the Computer

Found this via Love Meow.

Week 2: Month of Setting

This is week 2 of my writing one setting a day for a month.  It’s nothing fancy, and in fact, the small bits are the ones I have the hardest time even remembering to get into the story.  This was a “furry” week, since I ran into a dog, a cat, a squirrel, and a mouse.  We had blistering cold weather (30s) and then warmed into the 60s (back to 30s today), so the critters came out for a visit.

1.  It was an apartment building, but the dirty yellow brick facade and iron fence with spikes made it look more like a prison.

2.  A yellow Labrador stood on his hind legs, front feet hooked over the top of the chain link fence.  He was just enjoying himself, tail wagging comfortably as he watched the cable man.

3.  Leaves crackled, and she caught a flash of black.  One of the black squirrels drawn out by the warm day, no doubt.

4.  The crackle alerted me that something lurked in the tall, dry, yellow grass.  I squinted, expecting a squirrel.  It was unbearably warm, and they were about.  But the shape, dark brown, had stilled, watching me.  A cat?

5.  Red Christmas lights followed the line of the chain link fence to the end of the sidewalk.

6. The fog made fuzzy halos around the white glow of the street lights.

7. As I rounded the corner of the dishware aisle, a blur of a black shape with a tail made a dash across to the kitchen utensils display.  I heard a curious thunk, and the shape was simply gone

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the cat in #4.  I was surprised to get this good a picture.  This was taken at the Fredericksburg National Battlefield while I was on the Sunken Road.   The ranger in the video is actually standing pretty close to where I spotted the cat.

Cat mostly hidden by tall yellow grass