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Desert Storm Reunion Cruise: Cozumel

Next stop on the cruise was a place I always wanted to visit: ruins! When we docked, I was first greeted by this sight.  On the right is my cruise ship, Freedom of the Seas.  On my left was Navigator of the Seas.  That’s the ship I took on my first cruise, so this was …

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Desert Storm Reunion: Day 6 and 7 at sea

After we left Honduras, we were on our way back with two days at sea. We also got weather. The seas were heavier, so the ship would periodically lurch and sway. Nothing too bad mostly; every now and then, the ship would lurch in a way that made every one stop and go “Did you …

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Desert Storm Reunion – Day 5 – Honduras

One of the things I noticed is that the ship ALWAYS arrived on time at each of the ports. I woke up on Thursday, looked out my window and could see the port. By the way, if you’re wondering how I could keep track of each day while I was on the ship, it wasn’t …

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Desert Storm Reunion – Day 4 – Belize

First up, a picture of the Chihuahua from Mexico, since Pagdan asked about it: On Wednesday, we arrived at Belize, right on time. I got up at my usual time, but it was still early for the Windjammer to open, so I explored. This time I went up to Deck 12, which was an open …

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Desert Storm Reunion Day 3 – Cozumel, Mexico

When I woke up on Day 3, we were in Mexico. I’d learned the night before that my sea turtle excursion had been canceled, but it was too late to try to book another excursion, so I decided to do the forum shops. First stop when I got off the ship was checking out the …

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Day 2: A Newbie Cruiser

By Day 2, I was starting to wonder if I was going to enjoy the cruise at all. So far, it did not seem fun. I didn’t realize it immediately, but what I had happened was that was getting an overload of energy. I’m an introvert, so I draw my energy from quiet, and a …

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Desert Storm Reunion: Day 1 Chaos

  Sorry for the delay on this—I’ve spent the last week doing two short stories that were due October 31 (and got both in on time). All that while I still had cruise brain. I flew to Galveston, Texas on October 10. It’s apparently a major hub for cruise ships. In addition to my ship, …

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Desert Storm Reunion Cruise: The Insanity of Getting Ready

October marks the 25th anniversary of when I deployed to Desert Storm. My company deployed from then Fort Lewis, Washington, to Saudi Arabia on October 28, 1990. This month also was the 25th Anniversary Reunion Cruise in the Caribbean. For the months leading up to the cruise, I had a surprising amount of anxiety about …

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Desert Storm: 25th Anniversary Reunion

I’ve been invited to a Desert Storm 25th Anniversary Reunion next year.  It’s for vets of the war in general, so not my specific union or battalion.  It’s a cruise, which I wouldn’t mind doing, since I’ve never been on a cruise.  At least, unless you count the Catalina Flyer, which was when I was …

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