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Pantser Process Stage 3: What do I do?!!

With my basic research done, I decided to opt first to do a modern setting for flash fiction.  I really wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do.  I was thinking a mystery, because I want to branch out in some of the other genres, but when I first turned on my netbook, I was …

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How to find details for a story when you’re not good at them

I admit it.  I’m terrible with details.  I can look at a place, see all the details, come back, and not remember a single one of them.  They all merge with the big picture.  So all the things I see at the beach turns into beach, sand, and water, and I forget about a bunch …

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Rule M: Make checklists for your story

We’re onto the letter M in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge and on Making checklists for your story. This is one I’ve been playing around with more recently.  Most of the time when I’ve seen writing checklists from other writers, they cover things I automatically fix without thinking.  Or worse, …

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Things I Learned While Writing Miasma Part I

I’m finishing up the final draft of Miasma.  I learned a lot about my writing on this book.  Miasma was seriously messed up when I started on Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel one year ago Thanksgiving.  It was so bad that I was stumped through most of the class, trying to figure out …

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Standard Operating Procedures for Writers

The army was always big on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  Sometimes they were long, convoluted lists, and other times they made no sense at all.  Like requiring a soldier who lived in the barracks to not have a magazine sitting on a desk.  It had to be somewhere else.  But sometimes SOPs make sense. Bob …

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Battlefield of Details

There’s been a discussion on a message board about if you would research the weather for a particular day in history at a particular location for your story.  Not because there was a major historical storm in that time frame, but just for “accuracy” or for that one reader who would fact check it.  Since …

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How to Juggle Jellybeans

One of the things I thought when I was revising this novel last year was that it was like a juggling act.  I had all these plates in my hand, and I was trying to keep them in the air–but I kept losing track of what was what.  This was one of the reasons I …

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Writing Strategies if You’re Not Good with Details

This week’s lesson addresses details, and it’s made me think of what kind of strategies might help in dealing with them.   Most of the advice assumes you’re reasonably good at dealing with them and are just forgotting what you said.  I remember one that said you should note things like if your character drank tea …

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A Pot of Details

As someone who is decidedly not detail-oriented, I sometimes struggle with getting the right kind of detail into the story.  On a first draft, that’s especially a challenge because sometimes putting in a detail in Chapter 2 suddenly unveils itself as being important in Chapter 14 and zooms to major story status where it needs …

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