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Seeing Saudi Arabian Women During Desert Storm

One of the things that fascinated me was the women of Saudi Arabia. Before we deployed to Desert Storm in October of 1990, we were given many different briefings on the culture. The army didn’t want us screwing things up! What we heard kind of scared the women in our unit, because we really didn’t …

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I Won’t Enlist Because That Soldier is Pretty

The army’s had an embarrassing week.  It’s been roaming around the news that someone leaked an email officers sent each other saying that “ugly women” should be featured in ads depicting soldiers because they are perceived as more competent. I get how they arrived at that.  When NCIS cast Lauren Holly as the new director, …

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Week 5: 10 Stories in 10 Weeks

Week #5’s story is done!  Just needs an edit and proofread to clean it up, and then it’ll be off on submission to an online magazine.  The theme I’m submitting to was war.  I figured that the publisher would get all kinds of submissions from male writers and few from female writers, and probably no …

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Female Vet’s Perspective: General Dismisses Assault Case

It’s been all over the news that yet another general has dismissed a harassment case, citing that the person charged was more credible than the victim.  This time, it was a female general.  How is this possible?  I think there’s two reasons. 1. Men think women overreact This is more of a cultural issue than …

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Beauty of a Woman Blogfest: My Relationship With My Glasses

When I decided to participate in the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest, I didn’t realize what a tough subject the idea of beauty was going to be.  The first image that often comes to mind is what we are bombarded with in the media: The too-thin woman who has been airbrushed into perfection. So much …

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The League of Extraordinary Women Veterans

The Iraq War ended last month, not with victory cheers but more with a weary sigh.  When I came back from the first Persian Gulf War, I felt empty and tired and just wanted to be home. One of the most memorable faces of the second was Jessica Lynch, who was taken prisoner in the early …

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21st Anniversary: Women at War

Twenty-one years ago today I was deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm and what is now known as the First Persian Gulf War.  Women soldiers then were more of an oddity.  Though women had been nurses in Vietnam — China Beach starring Dana Delaney was airing in prime time– there was nothing like what the military …

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A Female Soldier’s Life During War

My book for the week is The Girls Come Marching Home: Stories of Women Warriors Returning from the War in Iraq by Kirsten Hoimstedt.  It’s been a difficult book to read because, though it’s a different war than mine, the same issues are there.  The books contains stories about women soldiers who have been wounded, …

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