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Stopping to smell the office supplies

I’m a geek when it comes to stationary supplies.  Target and K-Mart are just getting their school supplies in, so I’m plotting a reconnaissance mission for some on sale writing supplies like composition books and pens. But when I was kid, we had actual stationary stores where you bought supplies like this.  I always loved …

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Week 3 of a Story-A-Week

Week 3’s Story: Contemporary Fantasy Goals: Finish an unfinished story:  I picked one I had started last year and hadn’t finished, for the purpose of not leaving unfinished work. Sense of motion:  I just randomly picked this as an element to play with in the story.  A lot of times, something I see that week influences me, …

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The Lonely Sounds of War

One question everyone always asked me when I got back from Desert Storm was “What was it like?”  It’s a tough question to answer, because there’s so much of it, and it’s hard to convey the sense of it in words.  But The Daily Post had a prompt about doing lists, and since I was practicing writing …

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The Sounds of Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is likely to be the setting of at least one scene in my next book Hunger.  So a trip was in order to experience the cemetery.  I’d been before, but it was during summer and crowded with tourists.  This time it was late November. The most memorable thing: the sounds.  I went …

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The Memories of Smell

The sense of smell is easy to neglect when writing any kind of scene.  I’m always forgetting to include it myself, and I have to make an effort to check for it. But consider the following: When I was deployed to the Persian Gulf for Desert Storm, we had a long and exhausting flight.  After …

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4 Tips to Building Setting: Guest Blog for Sue Santore

Today, I’m dropping in for a guest post on Sue Santore’s blog.  A sneak peak: In a movie or a TV show, the camera pans across the scene in an establishing shot and the viewer gets an instant impression of the setting.  The opening sequences in Hawaii Five-0‘ show beautiful beaches, surfers taking on the waves, …

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Action, Adventure, Earthquake: What Does One Sound Like?

When I was kid, we’d go to the Griffith Park Observatory, which is an exhibit of all things science.  Moon rocks, electricity, and, of course, earthquakes.  There was a seismograph on display, showing all the earthquakes that had occurred in the last day.  Of course, all the kids were jumping up and down in front of …

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