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Writing in Public: Story 4, Last Chapter

CHAPTER 32 Four days after everyone had returned to Kangjun, Graul went down to Hope’s stateroom  in Women’s Country.  She’d been released from medical, but he knew that even with the healing bots work on the severe bruising, she would be sore for several days. He found her pale and drawn and moving stiffly.  Too …

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Writing in Public: Story 4: Chapter 21

CHAPTER 21 The dust kicked up from the weapons fire from Kangjun still floated in the air, along with the acrid stretch of burnt sand.  Brooks pulled the jeep in front of the scientists’ tents, cut the engine.  The silence was startling. Jian hopped out of the jeep.  The gunny was already doing a range …

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Coming Attractions for June

This weekend, I made an attempt to see Wonder Woman.  But when I showed up an hour in advance at the movie theater, it was sold out except for a few seats in the front.  So I’ll try again next weekend.  But it’s a good sign … especially for a movie the studio gave up …

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Crying Planet (GALCOM Universe Book 1)

Hope Delgado has only one goal: to be an old woman. But the ghosts have other ideas. When Galactic Command comes calling with an offer–a bracelet to block the ghosts–she realizes that it might save her life. But GALCOM wants her to travel in space to another planet to fix a ghost problem that is …

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