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Halloween Adventures

I’ve been working on a short story for an anthology call that’s closing tomorrow, but I had time for a quick walk around the neighborhood to have a look at the Halloween decorations.  These are some of the pretty cool ones.  Enjoy! This is a ghost over a garden entrance. It’ll be pretty spooky at …

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The Otherworldly Family is Watching

When we hear about ghosts, the first image we get is a story told in front of the orange flames of a campfire against the dark, a barrier against the unknown that surrounds us.   I remember one of those stories being about the ghostly hitchhiker who vanishes after being picked up.   That story is an …

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Ghostly Encounters of the Adams Kind

My uncle asked if we wanted a psychic at my grandmother’s memorial.  Apparently, there’s been an increase in paranormal activity in the house from one of the original occupants since my grandmother died.   My response?  “That’s a cool idea!” Trust me — only an Adams would think of inviting a psychic at a memorial service. …

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