Crutches are Evil Things

I broke my foot last Saturday while I was in the Everglades and have been on crutches, no weight bearing, and with a boot.

I’ve been on them before, when I was in the military, and they don’t get any easier with time.  In fact, one of the things I learned with this round was that I get up and move around a lot.  I didn’t realize how much until I wasn’t able to do as much.

The first day I think I managed to spill something on the floor about three times, then fell in the middle of the night trying to get to the bathroom.  There’s a sharp turn from the bedroom door into a much narrower bathroom door.  Balance checks all over the place.  Yup, I’m pretty dangerous.


I’m keeping up on my exercise, though no lower body exercises and no lower body cardio.  I’m revisiting my Jack La Lanne videos, since he was all about doing the exercise at home.  Most of them can be done with a chair, standing, or the floor, and I can substitute something else where feet are required (i.e. running in place might become swimming).

The worst places

  1. Kitchen. Hands down, it’s a horror story.  Everything that is conveniently located normally is hard to get on crutches.
  2. Did I mention I have stairs and hills? If I go outside, it’s down a flight of stairs, down another flight of stairs, down a hill, turn the corner, and down another hill.  We have a hill of doom out front that eats buses and tractor trailers and cars when it snows.

Things I’m doing

  1. Peapod for groceries. The deliveryman came last night and brought it in and set it on the kitchen counter for me. Thank you!  I was trying to figure out how to ferry the groceries to the kitchen from the door.  I was figuring I’d move the items that required refrigeration and leave the rest where they were.
  2. Next time I order groceries, I’m going to head for precut vegetables. More expensive, but I’m not trying to juggle a knife, cutting board, and crutches.
  3. Drinking water is hard! I put a glass in the bathroom and one in the kitchen so I can easily access the water.

Breakfast is smoothies, lunch is a salad, and I’m still working out what I need to do for dinner.


That’s been a little challenging.  I’m not getting as much done—think it’s just because, until I get used to the crutches, they’re very tiring.  More important that the writing is to take care of me.


On the exercise front

Let’s start with the fact that I’m still doing the exercises, which has kind of amazed me. I really haven’t stayed on anything for that long.

I’m also continuing to enjoy it, which is very surprising. I’ve always associated anything exercise related as “not fun.” It’s kind of hard to find something fun when the elementary school team captains saved me for last selection and then argued over who got me, because neither one wanted me.

I did have to go off the videos online because Me.TV stopped at 20. I thought I would get bored repeating the same ones over and over, so I got two books by Jack La Lanne. Then I promptly did bad things to my feet, legs, and back, all parts of my body that I’ve injured over the years, probably due to my flat feet. I want those to improve, if possible, but it’s been hard figuring out how not to overdo it!

So getting the videos will help me better with the progression.  Until I get them, I’ve been sort of rotating between the exercises—not counting sets, but listening to when I feel the muscles starting to fatigue and then doing two reps past that.

Meanwhile, the Washington, DC weather is starting to shift into fall. It’s actually been doing that since August (so my sinuses have told me), but we’ve had largely good weather. It was gorgeous for the Pope’s arrival, and after he left, then it got colder. Coincidence?

The leaves are starting to change. However, we didn’t get any rain for almost a month, so we might not have good colors this year. A lot of the leaves seem to be going right to brown and dried and dropping off.  Hopefully that doesn’t bode for heavy snow this year.

Weekend Musings: Exercise

It’s now been about seven, eight weeks, but I’ve started exercising more again. Beyond walking anyway. It started with Me-TV, of all things, and Facebook. They posted an advertisement for Jack La Lanne’s show that they would be airing online.

I had vague memories of the show, so I tuned in. And I’m watching this show and going, “I could do this,” and I started doing it and it was kind of fun. I could also see a change right away.

I’ve always had a bad history with physical exercise. I have flat feet, which are hereditary in my family. In my case, my feet roll in when I walk, and then drop all the way to ground. It makes for bad running, or anything else involving the feet.

In 7th grade they had the bean run. We’d run around the exercise field and when we passed the teacher, she’d give us an uncooked pinto bean. The more times we ran around in the allotted time, the more beans we got, and then afterwards everyone would count them up.

I was always the last one in and the one with the fewest beans.

That trend continued in the Army, which absolutely loved running. The formation would take off fast, and I would try to keep up. But the faster I ran, the more clumsy I felt, like I was going to careen out of control and slam into the people around me.

The Army was also good at humiliating people for not keeping up. A lot of times, they treated us as if we were lazy or needed extra training. Extra training consisted of doing it more.

But it sometimes veered into cruel.

Some of the guys would make nasty remarks. One sergeant kept making such juvenile remarks to me that I ended up going to my squad leader to get him to stop.

And I also kept hurting myself trying to keep up, so I was really glad to stop when I got out of the Army.

But I’ve also felt the lack of exercise.

I’d tried the gym off and on over the years. But the weights got boring quickly, and time was always a factor. Who wants to get off work, then spend an hour driving back and forth to the gym? I’ve always liked the idea of the classes, but they tend to be very aggressive.

So trying Jack La Lanne’s exercises was a perfect fit for me because that focus is on using the muscle, and I don’t have to do any driving.  Unfortunately, Me TV stopped posting the videos about four weeks ago. Given the abrupt nature, I think a legal issue cropped up. I started repeating the videos, but I got one of the books (thanks Amazon!).

My overall goal is to lose weight to help my feet, but right now the goal is just simply to do it and have fun doing it.