Monsters, monsters, oh, my

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I like monsters, especially the ones from the 1950s movies. Earlier this week, I was watching a Ray Harryhausen film, It Came From Beneath the Sea, which has a giant octopus. It was big enough to pull apart the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though it was an old film, the special effects were awesome.

Since monsters are so much fun, I’m sharing my book, Rogue God. Half man, half spider, giant centipedes, and gods. Monster city. I even blow up some monsters.

Man faces down a giant spider with evil glowing eyes.
Isn’t this an awesome image?

Beneath the island beauty lurks deadly magic.

Magic booby-traps waiting years to kill, and worse.  Like making monsters.

Anton Keymas, member of the Vai, a magical Special Forces, launches on his most perilous mission.  Two soldiers missing.  Probably dead.

Keymas may not be able to stop the killing spree.

A twisted fantasy of magic and monsters that takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

Available from your favorite booksellers.