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Rocking Women Army Rangers

This week, we had the historic first: Two women survived Ranger training.  I’ve obviously never been to Ranger training–nor would I have wanted to–but I knew people who went through it.  Not for the faint hearted. Of course, it comes with an awesome action photo. — My basic training was in New Jersey, starting about …

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Time, Military Style

The Desert Storm veterans have been discussing military time. Some still use it 25 years later. My father uses it off and on, though he was never in the military. Military time is 24 hour time. That is, once you hit 1:00 in the afternoon, military time continues the numbers, so 1:00 becomes 1300. It’s …

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When accidents happen in the army

One of the things that a soldier constantly hears is about safety.  If you go to the firing range, you hear a safety briefing.  If you are driving a truck, you get a safety briefing.  Obviously, this is important because we’re dealing with some very dangerous equipment like rifles and trucks with 6 foot tall …

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Scariest thing that happened to me in the army

I’ve had a few really scary things happen to me, one which was intentional on the army’s part, and the others a function of the environment.  So this is going to be the first of three posts on those scary things. As the last part of basic training at Fort Dix, NJ, we had to …

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hauling soldiers in a Cattle Car (video)

If we couldn’t march somewhere in Basic Training because it was too far, we used a cattle car. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Here’s a video, though we did not moo: The drill sergeants put 87 women on the one we used in Basic Training.  One time we were in the green rain …

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The first day of Basic training (Video)

First, Army Basic Training is not called Boot Camp. I think it’s a term that was originally used, but the Army moved away from it.  From what I understand, the Marine Corps still call it that.  To the Army, it’s Basic Training and is the soldier’s introduction to the military. My basic training was at …

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5 military things about me

1.  I was in the Army Reserve, the Army, and the Army National Guard. Those are three different services.  I started out with the Reserve because it helped me make the decision and decided to enlist in the regular Army after Basic Training.  The National Guard was a big mistake, and I was glad to …

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Getting Shot At on Paragon Trail

This post was inspired by Reetta Raitanen, who was interested in several gun articles that I mentioned I’d read.  I started thinking about when I was in the army, because it’s still a little unusual for women to handle guns.  Then I started thinking about when I had gotten shot at.  It was military training, …

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