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A Necessary Evil: Keeping Track of the Writing Stuff

I’d like to eventually write fiction full time.  It means, among other things, that I have to write a lot, but I also have to get my act together with the organization side.  That’s not always been easy.  My typical research session was go to the library, scrawl some stuff on some notes I intended …

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9 Organizing Tricks to Keep Creatives From Going Insane

Some people say having a messy desk means you’re disorganized.  I was certainly penalized enough by my Army squad leaders for that reason.  So I was shocked when a coworker commented on how organized I was.  I kept looking at my desk and thinking, “But you’ve seen my desk, right?”  It was an eye opening …

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Right Brain Organizing: Using Color

Being right-brained can make it difficult to organize a book — or for that matter, anything — because the process just doesn’t work the same way.  But one of the best tips I’ve run across is simple: Color code.  Right-brainers tend to be more visual, so color is ideal for instant recognition.  Instead of having …

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Writing with Visual Aids

A nice post from the Kill Zone on Visual Writing tools.   Nancy Cohen says: Many of us use visual tools when we write: collages about the main character or setting, plotting diagrams, charts, timelines, and photos. I use the following: IDEA MAPS I use this primarily for research notes, but also to track submissions.  …

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Writing Strategies if You’re Not Good with Details

This week’s lesson addresses details, and it’s made me think of what kind of strategies might help in dealing with them.   Most of the advice assumes you’re reasonably good at dealing with them and are just forgotting what you said.  I remember one that said you should note things like if your character drank tea …

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A Look at Scrivener for Windows

One of the problems I’ve always had in writing a novel that eventually the number of pages starts to be overwhelming.  Yet, if I break it up into smaller pieces, like individual files, I suddenly have a lot of moving parts that are easy to lose. Schivener for Windows is a new release in beta …

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Manage Character Names

When I wrote short stories, I used to laboriously go through baby name books for just the “right” name.  I’d search the entire alphabet for that gender, writing down names I liked until I had a list of about seven.  Then I’d go down the list and start crossing off names until I had the …

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