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Filing, filing, filing

I’ve spent the week cleaning out my files.  This was the result of reading a book called Organizing Solutions for People with AHDH.  I’m not AHDH, but I am right-brained, so there are some similar organizational challenges.  Filing has been a particular headache because it always seems so overly complex, and honestly, the last thing …

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Organizing vs. Organizing

I just saw another one of those posts where an outliner writer tried to describe a pantser (person who doesn’t outline), and ended up making it sound like the pantser was terribly disorganized because they didn’t outline. It’s nothing new actually, but it hit me differently this time. It was on organizing itself, where there’s …

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The Why of Organizing Writing Files

My post last week triggered some interesting comments on organizing, so I thought I would address some of the major reasons of WHY. Why #1 I’ve always just created a folder, slapped some name on it, then saved files to the folder. I wasn’t always careful about naming the files or the folders because I …

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Organizing the Writing Files

Most of the time when I Google organizing + Writing, I get a lot of articles and posts on outlining. So not what I’m looking for. Writing, by its very nature, is paperwork. Like: The story itself Other versions of the story (i.e., drafts, publisher wants it in rich text format, etc.) Correspondence (i.e., submission …

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there’s Organizing my way and the army’s way

For several years after I got out of the army, I thought was terribly disorganized.  I was messy and tended to pile things.  In fact, if you look at any site on organizing, these are both often touted as a sign of disorganization.  “File it, don’t pile,” they will say, often accompanied by a stern lecture and …

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A Right-Brained Experiment with Getting Things Done

In my time management travels, I dabbled a bit with Getting Things Done.  I suppose I had to, because it’s a system that a lot of people talked about.  I’ve been trying to get a handle on my time management because I would like to write full time as a fiction writer, and it’s best …

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Tracking Ideas and Inspirations for the Chaos Writer

I’m playing catch up this week — I was at Capclave, a sci fi con in Maryland this weekend.  Now I get all the stuff I didn’t do over the weekend.  I swear, I think Saturday and Sunday is when I run all my errands.  I’ll write a post about Capclave later on.  Meanwhile, back …

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Being Right-Brained and the Math Horror Zone

The first time I realized I was right-brained was a few years ago.  I’d picked up a book called Organizing for Your Brain Type. As I was reading, I suddenly realized, “OMG!  It’s me!  This is me!”  It was explanation of why all the things that worked so well for everyone else didn’t work for …

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