A Storybook Beginning, A Tragic Ending

August 31 marks the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.  Fourteen years ago, I picked up the Washington Post and saw the headline, and it was a shock.  Wait a minute?  Diana was dead?

I remember watching her Royal marriage on TV and that huge train on her wedding dress, all spread out behind her.  For months, everyone talked about her marrying the handsome prince, and I always looked at Prince Charles and thought he was not all that handsome.  He was kind of guy no one would pay attention to if he wasn’t royalty.

And the “Happily Ever After” that a beautiful princess marrying a handsome prince didn’t happen either.  But everyone noticed Diana.  Even today, she is almost entirely remembered through the thousands of photos that were taken of her.

I still find it curious that despite being so well known and so talked about — even 14 years later — the only voice she seems to have is through those photos.