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What Makes a Best Selling Writer?

I’ve been studying Michael Connelly’s The Reversal the last week.  I have a paper version of the book, and I’m typing it to see how he is a page turner.  The typing of just the first chapter yield other things, so I will have to look back through to figure out what exactly he did. …

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Organizing vs. Organizing

I just saw another one of those posts where an outliner writer tried to describe a pantser (person who doesn’t outline), and ended up making it sound like the pantser was terribly disorganized because they didn’t outline. It’s nothing new actually, but it hit me differently this time. It was on organizing itself, where there’s …

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The Why of Organizing Writing Files

My post last week triggered some interesting comments on organizing, so I thought I would address some of the major reasons of WHY. Why #1 I’ve always just created a folder, slapped some name on it, then saved files to the folder. I wasn’t always careful about naming the files or the folders because I …

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Organizing the Writing Files

Most of the time when I Google organizing + Writing, I get a lot of articles and posts on outlining. So not what I’m looking for. Writing, by its very nature, is paperwork. Like: The story itself Other versions of the story (i.e., drafts, publisher wants it in rich text format, etc.) Correspondence (i.e., submission …

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Productivity, Word Count, and Fiction Writing

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been about seven years since I broke up with my cowriter.  We had a manuscript in submission and had even received a request for a full from an agent.  Things had already waded into the deep end at that point, and there were frequent sinkholes abound. One was finishing …

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Week 2 of Story-A-Week

Two weeks ago, I finally declared an emergency.  I’ve been struggling to work on a novel for a while.  My intent was to produce both a novel and get short stories submitted.  Neither was really happening. Time was not the issue.  I could make the time. The problem has been that my job is a …

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Life of the Planner Challenged

This post comes from from Sonia G Medeiros and Lisa Phillips, who asked about the planner I’m using on Twitter.  You see, I’m planner challenged.  I didn’t use one at all until a few years ago after I managed to scheduled two doctor appointments at the same time.  What invariably would happen is that I …

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3 Organizational Tools For Revising

The first part of the How to Revise Your Novel workshop deals with simply going through a paper copy manuscript and identifying problems–no actual marking up on the words or sentences.   But the paper copy is a lot of pages and quite heavy, so breaking it up into smaller sections works pretty well.  I can …

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Getting More Organized in the New Year

The New Year is always good for resolutions, like ‘get more organized.’  I’ve always struggled with organization, particularly with paper (it breeds like tribbles!).  It’s only been in the last few years that I discovered I wasn’t chronically disorganized but that I was right-brained in a left-brained world (thanks to the book Organizing For Your …

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