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Glorious Tulips in Washington DC

Washington DC always has very pretty tulips!

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Visualizing the Setting

A couple of writers and I were talking on a list serve about describing setting — in this case, having trouble getting it into the story. Right up my alley. One of the writers said she didn’t get a visual image of the setting, so she had a hard time even remembering to get it …

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Saturday, According to Linda

This morning, I went out to eat for breakfast at IHOP, which I do every Saturday. I did sleep late, which was like to about 7:00.  I like to take the newspaper and read over pancakes. There’s something special about a leisurely breakfast. The staff there knows me pretty well — I can do a …

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Writing with the Caterpillars

Spring in the Washington, DC area is a glorious thing.  Everything’s green and pretty, and the temperature is in the right place to be able to sit out and soak up all that sun.  So I usually go outside during lunch at work, especially to get out of being in the building all day. We …

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Seasonal Changing of the Military Uniform

In an area where the seasons change, the military uniforms change with the seasons.  But it’s not like the soldier looks out the window and decides to put on a field jacket today because it’s cold or rolls up her uniform sleeves because it’s warm out.  Every change in the uniform was directed, so everyone …

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Linda – 0; Seagulls -1

It’s about three weeks until spring comes in Washington, DC. I can already see signs of it. Tiny buds are popping up on barren tree branches, and the music of the birds in the morning that wake me up earlier than I want. But the surprise was the seagull spotting I had at the local …

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B is for Beginning

Spring is here in Washington, DC.  It’s a very different time of the year than it was in Los Angeles, where I grew up.  The announcement of cherry blossom bud sitings brings in spring.  They bloom first, along with the dogwoods, and it’s like a switch has been turned on.  Everything starts to wake up. …

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March of the Cherry Blossoms

By the time Phil the Groundhog pokes his head out of his hole, I’m past ready for winter to end.  I want it to end now.  I want the sunshine to come out.  I want the world to be warm again.  At last, I spotted my first sign of spring:  A cherry blossom tree. It …

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