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Men From the Horizon

Men visit Rewa’s island with monstrous automatons and promises–and the ability to help her walk normally again. They just want to farm the sugar cane fields for Rewa and her people. If one farmer agrees, everyone will agree. The decision hangs on what Rewa does. And no matter what her decision Rewa makes, it will …

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Publications for July

My short story The Stones Next Door is out in Tales of Talisman. This story was inspired by a rather odd historical site in my area, a graveyard .  The graveyard’s always been there, and is sealed off with a heavy duty iron fence.  The stones are probably limestone, and they’re eroded, broken, and falling over. …

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Publication Schedule — Books for Release

This is a list of my books coming out for the next few months. June 2015 A Writer’s Guide to Military Culture This was from an online class I did for Forward Motion in 2012. July, 2015 Curse of the Cat A Steampunk fantasy short story Layers: A Desert Storm Veteran and September 11 It’s …

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Covers, Covers, and More Covers

It’s a lot of fun putting together the covers.  I like hunting down the images and playing around with them.  The only danger is that I have to be careful not spending too much time working on them (like research disease, only graphics disease). My first cover for June is for a steampunk short story called “Curse of …

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New Covers: “Booby-Trap” and “Layers”

I’ve been working on my cover for my short story, “Booby-Trap,” which turned out to take longer than I thought it would.  The image itself was hard to find because most of the images of women in fantasy involve clothing that wouldn’t even count as a bikini. I finally settled on an image that I thought …

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Old Writing Habits Die Hard

I’ve been working on a steampunk fantasy short story this week. Steampunk is kind of like what Wild, Wild West or The Adventures of Briscoe County was. It’s set in the age of invention, where inventions could be fun and creative, all with a bit of rebellion wrapped in. However, I don’t play well with …

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Week 4 of 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

Story #4’s idea started with a book on cats published in the 1920s.  There was a short blurb about a painting of a cat with eyes that followed you.  Those eyes supposedly drove the owners to commit suicide.  I tried to do it as a story, but I couldn’t figure out really how to resolve …

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Week 2: 10 Weeks of 10 Stories

10 Weeks of 10 Stories Story #2 is off to a magazine for their May 31 deadline.  It was a steampunk story, set in an alternate universe for the Civil War. I made use of a trip to the Manassas National Battlefield Park a few years ago, plus some research for a shelved Civil War …

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Favorite Summer Moment — Sword Fighting, of Course!

Summer is drawing to a close, with a wistful sigh from me.  I grew up in Southern California where it’s can be 80 in January.  Seasons — and snow — were a new thing when I joined the army, and I find that I much prefer the sun and warmth of summer. This year, my …

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