Photos: Snowy Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah

Traveling back from California became a challenge. My first flight from Burbank to California was canceled, so I routed to Salt Lake City. This scene was so awesome there was a bunch of us at the windows taking pictures.

Airport runway with snowy mountains in background.
Salt Lake City snowy mountains from the airport terminal

One of the airport employees said that it was pretty cloudy out. Apparently you can see more mountains when it’s clear!

A view of Salt Lake City from the plane.
Salt Lake City from the plane.

The airlines are now letting us operate some electronic devices during take off, so I took this photo from the plane as we flew out of Salt Lake City.

I was lucky I got out when I did.  A friend flying out from Denver just two days later had three cancellations, finally got to another airport, and then that flight was canceled.  It was not a good weather time.