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Women who served in Vietnam

When I went on the cruise last yet, there was a surprising number of women veterans.  It included a nurse who had retired as a colonel, and she’d served in both Vietnam and Desert Storm. The women who came home from that war was largely force to pretend like they hadn’t been to a war …

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Books About Women at War

This list of 25 books about women at war was posted to the women veteran’s list.  I remember coming back from Desert Storm and reading everything on war I could lay my hands on.  I wanted stories about women at war, and the best I could do was stories about men at war. For this …

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Combat Doesn’t Respect Anything

I find a lot of veteran articles and videos posted on Facebook–curiously, not by the veterans.  This one is on a woman who served during the Vietnam War and shows some of the unrealistic expectations the military had when they say “Women are not allowed in combat.” The problem is that combat doesn’t respect that …

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Desert Storm: Female Prisoner of War

What little news I did get came from a small AM/FM radio that was Irwin Allen yellow (TV producer Irwin Allen liked the color yellow and on his TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, it had a very yellow Flying Sub). As the war progressed, the radio stations tried to establish music …

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Desert Storm War Memorial

I ran across this article today on a proposed Desert Storm Memorial in Washington, DC.  Right now, they’re trying to find land in the area.  For some reason, I haven’t heard of this before, even though they clearly had some events here in Washington, DC.  But I also don’t look around for veteran’s events. Would …

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Desert Storm: Ribbons and Medals, another benefit of war

Another benefit of war that looked cool and neat from the outside were the medals and ribbons that we would wear on our dress uniforms.  They always looked somehow mysterious and special, like “How did you get that?  What do they mean?”  Like maybe it was part of a secret club or something.  When I …

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Visiting a war memorial the first time after war

Sometimes, immediately following war, little things can have an unexpectedly profound effect. Pretty much everywhere now that I go, there’s a veteran’s memorial of some kind. Even when I take a drive trip down to Richmond, Virginia, I can find a small war memorial at a rest stop. But in 1991, that wasn’t the case. …

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Women Coming Home From War

Coming home from war is a profound experience.  I remember when I came home from Desert Storm — March 1991 — and it was like I was in shock.  Except it wasn’t either.  My reality was so different from when I left in October, 1990.  It hardly seemed like the six months it was.  It …

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