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Visualizing the Setting

A couple of writers and I were talking on a list serve about describing setting — in this case, having trouble getting it into the story. Right up my alley. One of the writers said she didn’t get a visual image of the setting, so she had a hard time even remembering to get it …

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Keeping Track of What’s in the Novel

This topic’s prompted by a comment over at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, where he is currently running a series on Writing into the Dark (not outlining).  In the comments, we got to discussing character questionnaires and interviewing characters. I don’t use either technique. I’ve looked at questionnaires and not been impressed, and character interviewing just …

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Telling someone they’re not a writer

A question popped up on one of the Facebook groups that I’m on: “When did someone tell you to be a writer?” No one told me to be a writer. But it choose me. I was 8 when I started writing.  My best friend was writing a class play.  I thought that was a cool idea, …

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The Woman in Turquoise

Today’s The Daily Post poses the following question: Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer? For me, it’s not an object.  It’s a color.  I’m visual spatial, and I’m immediately drawn to color. In fact, …

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The way things are supposed to be and the way they are

If you’re even a little bit different, if you don’t quite fit in with what’s normal, you end up in this weird sort of between. You have to find a way for things to work as they are and the way they’re supposed to be, and yet, people will still insist you’re doing it wrong. …

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Photos: Inspiration in Color in Washington DC

I’ve discovered I’m a visual spatial learner It means I need pictures to understand information.  So when Rabia Gale posted this writing prompt: A favorite or inspiring piece of art (could be a statue, a painting, a musical composition, even performance art) The first thing I thought was color And during spring and summer in …

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Tulip sightings around Washington, DC

Flowers in Washington, DC One of the things I like about spring in Washington, DC, is the explosion of color.  Winter makes the city brown and barren, and then first signs of buds appear as spring approaches.  The cherry blossoms make their entrance, and then, within two weeks, the whole place turns colorful.  Tulips bloom …

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When You Hate to Research

That’s me, by the way.  I don’t really enjoy research and am never going to get lost in it and forget to write a novel.  In fact, what Advanced Fiction Writing says is absolutely true: If you hate research, then [you] are probably not doing enough of it and your fiction writing is going to …

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