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Daily Life in the Military: Weekends

Contrary to what you hear on TV and in books, we did not need a pass go leave the post for the weekend. Once we were off Friday, we were hopefully off for the weekend. That wasn’t always true for me, unfortunately. Sometimes the other platoons would pull their person from CQ duty on Saturday, …

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Daily Life in the Military: The Workday Starts

We went back out for another formation at 9:00. Usually the first sergeant or the company commander will put out some information, then send us on our way to work. We were a transportation company, so most of the soldiers would head out to the motor pool to work on trucks. Some would go on …

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Desert Storm War Memorial

I ran across this article today on a proposed Desert Storm Memorial in Washington, DC.  Right now, they’re trying to find land in the area.  For some reason, I haven’t heard of this before, even though they clearly had some events here in Washington, DC.  But I also don’t look around for veteran’s events. Would …

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Tales of the White Cat

This has been a nice fall so far.  The weather in Washington, DC usually bounces up and down — gets really cold, then gets really hot, and then everyone gets sick.  It’s been cool, with the wind a bit gusty, like nature knows it has to come along and blow the leaves off the trees. …

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Rabbit on the Army Menu

I was surprised to hear on the radio today that Whole foods decision to sell rabbit is such a big deal.  It’s even getting protests. The reason I’m surprised is because rabbit has been on the Army’s master menu.  I don’t know if it still is, but it definitely was in the early 1990s.  Now, if you know anything …

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Time traveling back to the Colonial Era

One of the really nice things about the Washington Metropolitan area is that there’s a lot you can see without necessarily going on a long, expensive trip.  I usually dislike going into Washington, DC, where all the tourists tend to be, not to mention even drive through it to get to Maryland.  It’s because the …

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Hitting the Rail for Raleigh

I went on a train trip this month.  It’s been years — really decades since I traveled on a train.  When I was a teenager, my parents would put me on a train to travel along the California coast to Morro Bay.  Oddly, the only thing I remember about the travel is seeing the familiar …

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The Magic of Rain

We just had several days of rain and thunderstorms in Washington, DC.  The humidity gets so high during the summer that the rain just bursts in a thunderstorm like it’s releasing all this pressure. It’s also the opposite of where I grew up, which was in Los Angeles.  If you’ve never been there, Los Angeles …

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Kindness in Washington, DC is an infrequent thing

After being in Washington, DC for a number of years, the one thing that’s struck me is that city is conceited and arrogant. Maybe it’s that political climate, but every person seems to be in it for him, or her, self, and anyone else is only a means to get to the goal, or in …

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