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Monster Ships: Aircraft Carriers

When I went to Hawaii back in the 1980s, there was an aircraft carrier in the harbor. This was pre-military for me, and the first time I’d ever seen a Navy ship that wasn’t part of a museum (a World War II submarine in Wisconsin). I think it was one of the smaller ones, but …

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Ghosts of Wallpaper Past

I’ve actually never had wallpaper anywhere I lived. We always used paint in the house where I grew, which surprises me in a way. My father is colorblind (red/green, the most common form) and that influenced all the color choices of paint. Translation: The interior was yellow. It was the one color he could see. …

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My Family’s Historical House on PBS!

My family’s historical house in Wisconsin is going to be part of a PBS special this week!  The house was built by my great-great grandfather Havilah Babcock, who was one of the four founders of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  He started out as a dry goods merchant and had an eye for fabrics, which translates out …

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The World is Built for Tall People and I’m short

The world is built for tall people.  I’m not really that short.  I’m more average.  My mother was short at 4’11.  But sometimes I think the rest of the world forgets that not everyone is 6 foot tall with long legs. When I was in the army, the leadership always seemed to expect everyone to …

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The Otherworldly Family is Watching

When we hear about ghosts, the first image we get is a story told in front of the orange flames of a campfire against the dark, a barrier against the unknown that surrounds us.   I remember one of those stories being about the ghostly hitchhiker who vanishes after being picked up.   That story is an …

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The Army Gets a New Uniform for Women — About Time!

When I buy clothes, I grab a handful to try them on.  Maybe one will fit.  The others will be too big, too small, or have a general problem such as gaping arm holes.  When I was in the army, it was pick a uniform off a shelf, knowing I was going to have to …

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Step into my time machine

This week, I’ve got a trip into the adventure zone, because any travel is an adventure.  I went to Wisconsin for the weekend for my grandmother’s memorial, and anything that involves Wisconsin involves The House: I stayed in the room where those center windows on the second floor are.  The house was built by my …

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Slashing the Myths About Omniscient Viewpoint

I’m a little behind this week — I hopped over to Wisconsin for my grandmother’s memorial this weekend and am playing catch up, though I figure that’ll be at least another week.  Next weekend is a con! Meanwhile back in the land of politicians, it’s about time for another look at omniscient viewpoint.  When I …

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