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Why outlining doesn’t work for everyone

It took me a long time to figure out that most writing craft advice that I find in books and online assumes that you’re outlining.  It’s so common that even people who don’t outline don’t realize they’re being told to use outlining techniques. So much so that one of them periodically creeps into my writing …

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Writing Process is not the Same Thing as Writing Craft

When I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my writing, I took a lot of writing workshops. There are several places you can go and find a ton of courses on every imaginable writing subject. I tried screening them where I could. You know, checking to see if the writer had more …

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Writer of Contention: “We Are Outliners. You Will Be Assimilated.”

Virginia’s still in frigid-land today, though — it’s hard to believe I’m saying this — it’s warmer at 23 degrees.  That’s because we don’t have the extreme wind chills of the last few days.  Of course, tomorrow, it’s supposed to an icy mix, right when morning rush hour starts … Argh! Off to the subject …

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Exorcising Writing How-to Advice

Last week, I wrote about leaving the writing message boards because my writing was getting polluted by a lot of the nonsense advice being passed around.  But I’d also started pulling back from general writing advice from how-to books even before that (some writers were absolutely horrified at this.  Writing advice is a huge safety …

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Story a Week: Week 4

This week I’m playing a bit of catch up.  I went to a science fiction convention in North Carolina over the weekend and just got back yesterday.  I knew this was scheduled, so I decided to do flash fiction.  The catch was that I had to get it done before Friday. Goals for this story: …

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False Experts and Writing Classes

I’m going to be taking a writing class starting today, and it’s got me thinking about who is qualified to give writing classes.  There’s quite a few writing courses out, but a lot of them are given by “false experts.” What’s a false expert? It’s a person who says they are an expert in writing …

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Rule L: never stop Learning about writing

Linda’s Rules of Writing We’re onto the letter L in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge, and never stop Learning about writing. I have a friend who’s an actor, mostly retired now since he’s 86 and got started in the 1950s.  But I was surprised to hear that he still takes …

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Outline? What Outline?

This post is inspired by Liv Rancourt’s A Plotter’s Process.  I’m a pantser, but I have tried outlining. I ran into horrendous problems on Miasma.  They were so bad that I wasn’t sure if I could fix them.  But I thought trying outlines might help, and I was willing to change my writing process if …

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