Linda Maye Adams

Soldier, Storyteller

About Linda Adams

While other little girls were dreaming of being princesses and living happily ever after, Linda Adams wanted mysteries and treasure hunts; action and adventure.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much beyond romances, so when her best friend wrote a school play, Linda thought that was a great idea, and she started writing stories with a girl sleuth like Nancy Drew.

Then Star Trek came along, and this was in the days when the fandom was starting to get rolling.  She looked at Lieutenant Uhura, a woman in a very important position on the bridge.  The crew didn’t say, “Oh, she’s a woman.  She doesn’t know anything.”  Instead, they respected Uhura’s skills and abilities.

Linda went to her first convention in Los Angeles that same year, and started reading science fiction.  There was even less for her.  Women were often not even present in the stories, and when they were present, they were no better than wallpaper.   Then along came fantasy, and specifically Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress series.  Ooh!  Stories about women, and some were action!

Soon, no job forced Linda to look at a surprising option for a woman, and even more surprising for an Adams: the army.  She had flat feet, was a terrible runner, and couldn’t march worth anything.  Still, she enlisted.  Army life was not as exciting as the commercials made it out to be, which was probably a good thing because Linda probably would have fallen over a fence instead of climbing over it.

Then war came, and Linda was deployed to the first Persian Gulf War.   This adventure was on the too exciting side!  Linda was part of the wave of women that went over when it was still strange and new for women to be deployed.  She stayed in the military for 12 years.

Now she is writing fiction.  And, of course, there are women characters.  Some of them are soldiers, too.

Linda Adams, Soldier, Storyteller

You can also visit my website at and reach me at LAdams900 AT gmail DOT com.


  1. Nice to read your blog! You are a well-spring in the desert of A-Z bloggers who come after me….doing as they say in the challenge and reading the blogs who come after, so far my blog has moved up I think almost 100 places – and of the roughly 100 or so ~I’ve visited about half a dozen are up-to-date. I guess if we sign up earlier those who follow will be more dedicated?So impressed by your script a week Hollywood pitch.


  2. Sisyphus47 (I know…) 🙂


    • Linda Adams

      Thanks for the nomination!


  3. Hey! I found you via Dean Wesley Smith’s blog. We have a few things in common … Army … Desert Storm … writing. It’s nice to meet you!


    • Hoo-ah! (which for the non-army folks is a word that means everything and nothing).


  4. Linda,
    What unit where you in at Ft Lewis?
    I’m an old dog of Ft Lewis, twice assigned totaling in 7 years and five units.
    I wasn’t on Lewis in ’90 – was in a NATO Command assignment.
    However, I returned to Ft. Lewis – for the 5 year hitch – in ’92.
    Does Dube sound familiar?


    • 513th, first under 80th when we in the brick barracks on main post, and then under 44th when we moved to North Fort and lived in the WWII barracks.



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