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Blogging More vs. Blogging Less

When I first got into social media, everyone said to blog at least three times a week.  This was, according to the mass indie movement, the best way to find readers to read your books.  I never believed that, because as a reader, I don’t run across someone’s blog and go “Oh!  I want to …

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When Internet Lists Strike Back

I’ve spent the week in baby steps trying to fix some of my time management habits.  I’d like to write fiction full time in the future, and one of the things I need to get my act together on is time management. The time to figure it out is NOT when I’m greeted with a …

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Reflections on A to Z Challenge

Everyone says fiction writers have to build their brand, but it’s an area I’m horrible at because I can’t figure out how to do it.  I don’t connect to “brand” in my head, so I’ve felt like I’m trying to map posts to what I think people will read.  The A to Z Challenge really …

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Rule F: writing has to come First

Linda’s Rules of Writing We’re onto the letter F in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge, and on making sure writing gets done First. There are so many things now that are in a tug of war for our attention: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Pintrest, you name it.  Writers have been told …

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Thinking smarter and managing writing time

So much is being asked out of writers today.  We not only have to research and write a book, but publishers expect us to blog and use Twitter to help promote it.  But no one talks about how to manage the time for all of these, and the last place you want to be in …

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Went to Intervention — No, It’s a Con, Not What You Just Thought

It’s a science fiction con.  It stands for Inter(net) (Con)vention.  This one was within driving distance for me along the George Washington Parkway. If you’re not familiar with Washington, DC, that’s a very scenic road that follows the Potomac River.  This is is a photo: It should be gorgeous once the trees begin to change …

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Why Don’t Writers’ Blogs Work?

Blogging is often recommended as a way for authors to build their brand, but it’s a special challenge for novelists to find topics.  I’d see posts on platform from non-fiction authors who didn’t know what they were talking about in relation to novelists, and it left me even more confused about this branding thing.  And …

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Top 10 Blog Posts for May

In case you missed any, here are the top 10 posts for May. 1. Moleskine Hacks for Fiction Writers:  I never go anywhere without my Moleskine to take notes. 2. Is There a Strong Woman Character or Are We Being Fooled?:  We have tons of books with women protagonists.  But do we have strong women …

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What Writing Blogs Do You Subscribe To?

Blogs are a tough topic for writers. We all know that how-to blog posts about writing are an extremely niche topic.  Telling people “Don’t use adverbs” is not going to draw potential readers in, and it’s too easy to sound like everyone else.  Yet, many of the writers telling us we shouldn’t blog about writing …

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