Monkey River

Tall ship on the sea
SHORT STORY: When I went to Honduras on my first cruise, we sailed up a river and listened to these frightening snorts that sounded like a giant animal was coming for us. It was a monkey! Needless to say…

Pap thinks the worst of his problems is getting stuck with a green officer from the King’s Militia.  They’re out in the middle of nowhere, and officers hate nowhere.

Then Pap’s partner Ariana, a cartographer mage, discovers an entire fleet waiting on the river.  To attack?  Nowhere is suddenly becoming very dangerous.

A fantasy short story available from your favorite booksellers.

Rogue God

Cover for Rogue God, showing a tiki face on a surfboard.


Beneath the island beauty lurks deadly magic.

Magic booby-traps waiting years to kill, and worse.  Like making monsters

Anton Keymas, member of the Vai, a magical Special Forces, launches on his most perilous mission.  Two soldiers missing.  Probably dead.

Keymas may not be able to stop the killing spree.

A twisted fantasy of magic and monsters.

A fantasy novel available from your favorite booksellers.

Story Bundles

These are story bundles that I’m featured in.  If you haven’t been introduced to the world of the story bundle and you love reading, then start exploring right away.  Story bundles consist of books or short stories by multiple writers, and usually for no more than $15.

Fantasy bird on a tree branch
This bundle features my story Watcher Ghost from the GALCOM Universe Series. I’m alongside premier writers like Kristine Katherine Rusch and Douglas Smith.
Remembering Warriors cover
Raise money for veteran charities and get good fiction and non-fiction. This book features my memoir Soldier, Storyteller.

Fantasy Books

My first leap into speculative fiction was fantasy, where I first saw a lot of woman characters surface.  Magic, monsters…yeah, I could deal.  Links and pages about the books are coming.

Dark, From the Sea cover of a lighthouse

Cover for Rogue God, showing a tiki face on a surfboard.

Cover for Five Fantasy Heroines





Cover for 10 Fantasy Stories I

Tall ship in the harbor at night

Tall ship on the sea





Cover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet

Cover for River Flight

Cover for The Sea Listens





Cover for Dance of the Wind ChimesCover for A Quartet of ClownsCover for Cartographer of Fotunes




Seated woman holding a lantern in front of her.   Full moon with bats flying in front of it.

Short Flights (of the Imagination)

Fantasy bird on a tree branch
This bundle features my story Watcher Ghost from the GALCOM Universe Series. I’m alongside premier writers like Kristine Katherine Rusch and Douglas Smith.

Flights of imagination needn’t be long in order to weave a wonderful tale. Join these authors in their shorter flights for a broad array of fabulous short stories in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more. Perfect imaginative getaways for commuting, breaks and lunchtimes, bedtime reading, or anytime you want to pack a great read into a short time.

Your itinerary of short flights includes:

Watcher Ghost by Linda Maye Adams (Interview with me!)

In Search of the Perfect Cup by Russ Crossley

Chimere by Marcelle Dube

Finder by Michael Jasper

The Bear in the Cable-Knit Sweater by Robert Jeschonek

Unsafe, Unsound by Kate MacLeod (Interview)

Ghosting by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Moon Spell by Rita Schulz

By Her Hand, She Draws You Down by Douglas Smith (Interview)

The Librarian by Blaze Ward (Interview)

And some package deals (collections!):

One Horn to Rule Them All by Lisa Mangum

The Cache and Other Stories by Sherry D. Ramsey

Decision Points by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (ed.)

Bad Ends by Rebecca Senese

S, F & H by Harvey Stanbrough (Interview)

Pick up your copy here!


River Flight (short story)

Cover for River Flight
River Flight $3.99

Juliette is an undercover princess, working as a boatman in the military.  The worst of her concerns is what work detail she will be on next … until a messenger brings word her father, the king, is dead at the hands of his brother.  Now he’s coming for Juliette and she’s running out of time.

Available from your favorite booksellers:

The Sea Listens (short story)

Cover for The Sea Listens
The Sea Listens – $1.99

Voices in the fog call to war veteran Meredith Talmadge. Those voices drew her grandfather into the sea to his death. What did he hear in the voices? Meredith needs to solve the mystery, and to do that, she has to face the fog. But now those voices want her, and what they seek will change her forever …

This story was a winner of the Enchanted Spark Photo Flare Contest.

Available from your favorite booksellers:

Coming Attractions for June

This weekend, I made an attempt to see Wonder Woman.  But when I showed up an hour in advance at the movie theater, it was sold out except for a few seats in the front.  So I’ll try again next weekend.  But it’s a good sign … especially for a movie the studio gave up on.  They hardly even advertised it, but word of mouth is pretty potent.

So I spent Saturday building book covers.  These are the covers for short stories coming later in June.

And these are the ones for July, including a GALCOM universe novella and short story.  It also marks the first mystery I’m publishing.

My research topics for this week were:

  • Son-Ly War
  • Prefecture
  • Province
  • Mistletoe
  • Harvey Kurtzman
  • Tents (research for GALCOM 3)
  • Grizzly Adams (no relation to me)
  • Japanese Battleship Mutzo
  • Pagoda mast
  • Edward Teach
  • sloop
  • Gilbert Baker
  • Military name tag placement (Research for GALCOM 3)
  • locusts
  • Kylfings
  • algebra
  • Auroras
  • Plasma meteor (doesn’t that sound cool?)
  • William Mulholland
  • California Water Wars
  • St, Francis Dam

It’s interesting looking at this list after a week.  There’s a lot of topics on here that I don’t remember anything about, and others that, as I typed them, I remembered what I enjoyed about the topic.  Despite growing up in Southern California and seeing places like Mulholland Drive, I had no idea why it was named that, nor did I know about the California Water Wars.  The St. Francis Dam ended William Mulholland’s career in public works when it collapsed only a few hours after he inspected it.

Men From the Horizon

Tall ship sailing against the sunrise - cover for Men from the Horizon

Men visit Rewa’s island with monstrous automatons and promises–and the ability to help her walk normally again. They just want to farm the sugar cane fields for Rewa and her people. If one farmer agrees, everyone will agree. The decision hangs on what Rewa does. And no matter what her decision Rewa makes, it will cost her.

Available from your favorite booksellers or $1.99.  Amazon and Smashwords.

5 Fantasy Heroines

Cover for Five Fantasy Heroines

Five of Linda Maye Adams’ fantasy stories. The collection includes Writers of the Future honorable mention “A Quartet of Clowns,” the action story “River Flight,” the flash fiction “Healer’s Tent,” the action story “Booby-Trap at Beaver River,” and reader favorite “Words of Rain and Shadows.”

Available from your favorite booksellers for $4.99, including Amazon and Smashwords.