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Looking Back at Robotech

I started out science fiction with Star Trek and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Then Robotech came.  It wasn’t my first introduction to anime.  That was Speed Racer.  But Robotech was something special.  As a cartoon, it did some things that other cartoons did.  The first was a storyline more befitting a TV …

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My First Mystery!

When I was growing up, I devoured all the Nancy Drew novels at my library.  I’d always go to that back corner where they were shelved and scan the yellow spines to see if there was a new book out.  I graduated to other mysteries, like Kim Aldrich, Trixie Beldon, and Phyllis A. Whitney‘s Gothic mysteries. …

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Photos: Inspiration in Color in Washington DC

I’ve discovered I’m a visual spatial learner It means I need pictures to understand information.  So when Rabia Gale posted this writing prompt: A favorite or inspiring piece of art (could be a statue, a painting, a musical composition, even performance art) The first thing I thought was color And during spring and summer in …

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Rule P: make writing a Priority

Linda’s Rules of Writing We’re onto the letter P in Linda’s Rules of Writing for the A to Z Challenge, and on the importance of priorities. I used to wait for inspiration to come, and then I’d write.  What invariably happened was I didn’t do much writing. In fact, it wasn’t until I had a …

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Rule I – Ideas shouldn’t be intimidating

Linda’s Rules of Writing We’re onto the letter I in Linda’s Rules of Writing of A to Z Challenge, with Ideas shouldn’t be Intimidating. When I was new to thinking about writing professionally, ideas and inspiration were intimidating to me.  It felt like the entire success of the book was bearing down on the weight …

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Tracking Ideas and Inspirations for the Chaos Writer

I’m playing catch up this week — I was at Capclave, a sci fi con in Maryland this weekend.  Now I get all the stuff I didn’t do over the weekend.  I swear, I think Saturday and Sunday is when I run all my errands.  I’ll write a post about Capclave later on.  Meanwhile, back …

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Finding Inspiration in the Past

When I was in the army, the single soldier always seemed to be an after thought.  There wasn’t much for us beyond the gym, the library, and the rec center.  I used to go to the rec center a lot.  It had a big TV, games, and a place to hang out.  There was always …

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Ideas From Interesting Places

“Where do you get your ideas?” is a pretty common question for writers.  There seems to be an awe surrounding ideas, as if that were the hardest thing about the story (newsflash:  It’s the writing part that’s hard).   Here’s how I got the idea for a short story I just finished, called “Junk for Sale, …

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Deciding What to Write

When I was doing short stories years back, I’d get an idea and pounce on it immediately to try to write it.   Really no thought went into whether the idea was something that I ought to write or if I should write it now.  Then, I quite literally started with the idea, and it decided …

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