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Rejected by Aliens

First contact missions with new alien races are always dangerous. But Private Gaynelle never thought that the aliens would eat her officer, and she’d be the one in charge. Now she has to figure out how to communicate with the aliens.  But why they rejected her as a meal will terrify her. Available on Smashwords …

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Navajo Women May Have Been the First Enlisted in the Military

A historian discovered the women’s names in the records for the late 1800s: While compiling a lengthy list of Sandoval County veterans — from the Civil War through Vietnam — retired Army colonel and amateur historian David C’de Baca made an intriguing find: Two Navajo women who served as scouts with the Army’s 20th Infantry …

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Navy’s one size fits all on uniforms

When I was in the army, I never much liked the skirt part of the Class A uniform (which was green then).  The reason was pretty basic: If I wore the skirt, I had to wear those god-awful pumps.  My feet are very wide, and anything pointed = bad, bad idea. Women have always had …

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What does a veteran look like?

I’ve seen a couple of these turn up over the last few days: A woman veteran uses one of the courtesy spots some merchants provide and gets a nasty note from anonymous person telling her she can’t park there because the parking spot is for veterans (read: men). Once the soldier takes off the uniform, …

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Noticing Women in the Military

I’m in Washington DC, so I see a lot of articles turn up in the newspapers about the military—this area probably has the most military in the country.  The articles might describe the VA problems, and go into many pages with interviews with veterans. Or it might describe the experiences of soldiers overseas, again with …

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Writing as a Woman Veteran

I have a post up over at Books By Women today on the above topic.  Please drop on by and check it out! For those who are writers and women, the site also has a well-moderated private group for women writers.

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Ahoy to the Navy in Japan

A Navy ship arriving in Japan gives us this picture of a military woman at work: Photos of the ship she was on are here, including one of the ship in dry dock. — I worked in a Joint Service company.  We worked with all the services, and most were easy to get along with …

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Navy has the watch today

Back to the Navy again for another great photo (hear that Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps? Where are your women service members?!). — I never used a handgun when I was in the service.  They were only for officers.  All the enlisted soldiers were issued an M16A1 rifle.  That thing was hard to carry …

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Time for a Little Artillery

This photo is courtesy of the Navy and I was delighted to find such an awesome photo. My comments:  When I was thinking of enlisting in the military, I checked out the Army first, and then the Navy.  The Navy recruiter told me a lot of people enlisted there because of the uniforms.  They sure …

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