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Behind the Scenes on NCIS

Most TV shows treat the military as a plot point or don’t really understand the rank or what the person does.  NCIS goes behind that with respecting the military in every episode.  Here’s some behind that scenes of the show.

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Respecting the characters

I was watching a fourth season episode of NCIS, and it struck me how Michael Weatherly’s departure from the series last month fit right in with the entire arc of the series. They respected the character, and the viewers. Then there’s Criminal Minds, which had the departure of Shemar Moore, who played Derrick Morgan.  Also …

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New TV Season–Good, Bad, or Meh?

The new TV season is about to start in the next few weeks. I remember how I used to grab the next copy of the TV Guide when it arrived in the mail on Thursday and rush through to my favorite shows to see what the episode was about. Now I don’t even subscribe to …

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Exorcising Writing How-to Advice

Last week, I wrote about leaving the writing message boards because my writing was getting polluted by a lot of the nonsense advice being passed around.  But I’d also started pulling back from general writing advice from how-to books even before that (some writers were absolutely horrified at this.  Writing advice is a huge safety …

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Xray! Xray! the military alphabet

Have you ever talked on the phone and had a really hard time differentiating between some letters like P and B? A lot of Army soldiers use radios to communicate, and misunderstanding a letter. The words were originally developed during World War II, and these are the ones currently used: A – Alpha B – …

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Military Cadences to March By

One of the things we did in the military was sing in cadence.  It was a work song to help keep everyone in step while they were marching or running.  Of course, I was perpetually out of step (having no sense of musical rhythm whatsoever), so it never helped me much.  You’ve probably seen it in the …

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I Won’t Enlist Because That Soldier is Pretty

The army’s had an embarrassing week.  It’s been roaming around the news that someone leaked an email officers sent each other saying that “ugly women” should be featured in ads depicting soldiers because they are perceived as more competent. I get how they arrived at that.  When NCIS cast Lauren Holly as the new director, …

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The NCIS Guide to Structure for Pantsers

When I moved out of the military barracks, I was introduced to an unexpected horror: Solo cooking.  The guidance was framed from the perspective of family cooking, and implication was, “Get a family.”  Every recipe was made for a family, not an individual. That’s the way it seems for pantsers when it comes to structure.  …

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