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Software Makes Us Lazy

I remember when computers first came out (yeah, it’s dating me). Until then, I’d done all my writing either by hand or on a typewriter. Newsflash: I make the same types of “typos” when I write anything out by hand. So the computer – absolutely! I didn’t have to spend hours retyping pages to correct …

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Touching Space: The Final Frontier

When I was a kid, space still seemed like a very far away thing.  The space shuttle was a really big deal because it could take off like a rocket and land like an aircraft.  I remember when the first one came out, and through a letter writing campaign, NASA named it Enterprise.  Really, I …

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Triberr Review: Useful Tool or Shiny Toy?

Does social media eat into your writing time?  There are plenty of social media tools that can help with reducing the time spent, while others can turn unexpectedly into time black holes.  I like checking out new tools, because sometimes I can find one that helps me out. So what about Tribber?  I was introduced …

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Technology Hacks for Dealing with Twitter Spammers

Have you noticed lately that there seems to be a lot of link spamming on Twitter?  It’s hard to have a conversation when I have to wade through all the links. So I get to fight technology with, well, technology with two handy tools: TwitBlock: Sometimes I find it hard to tell if a Tweep …

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Moleskine Hacks for Fiction Writers

Have you run into a situation where using technology made more work instead of simplifying it? That’s one of the reasons I started using Moleskine notebooks.  You’ve probably seen them in Barnes and Noble, or even Target.  Rows of simple notebooks in different colors, itching to be picked up.  There’s an artistic feel to them, …

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Metric Conversions

I was working on a chapter and had to put distance in.  Since it’s set in a foreign country, I suddenly realized that they would probably go by the metric system.  This Metric Converter helped me convert distance into kilometers.  You can also convert weight or temperature.  

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The Web is Not Public Domain

Ten years back, I had submitted some short tips to a computer magazine.  At the time, I was trying to use them to build a relationship with the editor so I could submit longer articles (and get paid!).  One day, after emailing him another tip, I got a strange email back.  He asked me if …

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A Look at Scrivener for Windows

One of the problems I’ve always had in writing a novel that eventually the number of pages starts to be overwhelming.  Yet, if I break it up into smaller pieces, like individual files, I suddenly have a lot of moving parts that are easy to lose. Schivener for Windows is a new release in beta …

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Can you Imagine Typing a Novel on This?

Computers make it easy to write a book.  Type everything on the screen, and hit the enter button to go to the next line.  When you’re ready to revise, you can either print and make revisions on paper or it right on the screen.  But before computers, it ws quite a bit different.  I had …

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