funny goat puts out its tongue
This baby goat made me smile.  Thanks to maximili from IstockPhoto for the wonderful image.

What’s happening now reminds of me when I broke my right foot in 2016. I was on no weight bearing for at least two weeks.  That confined me to my house essentially except for doctor appointments and a stop at Panera Bread on the way back to get something that was just different.

Cooking terrified me.  No weight bearing meant I was balancing on one foot and leaning against the counter while I prepared food.  Having a knife in hand to cut vegetables?  Well… I had a lot of scrambled eggs and smoothies.

I’m really glad I spent the time learning how to cook without recipes several years back because it’s serving me well now.  A lot of people are finding out they have a problem because they don’t have the cooking chops (this is why spaghetti sauce and pasta are selling out.  That was a staple of mine before I got better at cooking).

Morning of the Writing Nerd

My Saturday morning started as a sinus zombie again.  The DC area went from 79 the day before to 53 and rainy.

First thing was an attempt at the farmer’s market in Old Town.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to be open or not and they didn’t have anything online.  So when I showed up, the market square was empty.

Off to Trader Joe’s instead.  Since I was 30 minutes after they opened, I was going to do a fast assessment and see if I needed to abort the shopping mission.  But they had changed their hours, so I was 30 minutes early.  I stood out in front and chatted with a British guy.

By the time TJ opened, the line was over 1,000 feet.  Yikes!  The employees counted out fifty people and let us in.  There was a limit of only 2 each of everything, so no one could take all of one item. I zoomed in and did my shopping in 7 minutes flat.

Back home, I lazed out the morning, watching The Greatest American Hero.  Some joker decided to show the episode about bald guys in white t-shirts trying to steal the smallpox virus from a testing site.  Next episode was more of a Hollywood staple: character gets amnesia and forgets that he’s a superhero.

I tried a walk in the morning.  People were out and about, walking their dogs, or just walking like me.  You have to.  When I broke my foot, I couldn’t do that.  The best I could do was go outside and sit in the sun.  Connection to nature is very important for creatives.

The DC area is just in the very early stages of spring.  So it’s a wonderful surprise to see the delicate pink blossoms of a cherry blossom tree or a dusting of the dogwood petals blowing in the gutter.  The birds are out, setting up their orchestra for the spring.  On my walk, I kept hearing barred owls everywhere.

Lunch was a to-go order from my Thai restaurant.  I love the food, but I’m finding that take out doesn’t cut it.  Eating out is also about the people who run the restaurant.  You can tell a place is happy when they recognize regular customers.  The chef has come out to talk to me on many occasions.

Afternoon of the Writing Nerd

I started my afternoon stumbling across a writing book that caught my attention.  Yeah, I promised myself not to spend so much money on books in these austere times.  The books still won.

The book is called F*ck the Details: Fewer Words, Sharper Stories.  I’ve always wrestled with the details of the story.  A lot of my sticking points have been trying to get more details into the store.  I’m not detail-oriented, and frankly, it makes me write slower.

Worse, I can’t leave it out and add it through cycling later.  It was a habit to leave it out in the first place, so I don’t want to revisit it.

This book has a different approach to adding the details. One that might work better than what I’ve been doing.

And with that, I started writing the first scene in Heroes Portal.

First contact with the story had me changing my character worksheet for the protagonist.

I think also having a moratorium on the news has made a difference too.  I didn’t realize how much of a drain it normally was until I cut off this last week.  I’ve been having trouble writing for the last few months, and I think this might have contributed to it.  For the creative, so much news is like a slow poison.

Anyway, since we’re all in the same boat with not a whole lot to do, the first scene of Hero Portal is up for your reaidng pleasure.  I’ll see what else I can post.  Enjoy!

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