Story #2 is in the can! At first contact, the mirror never made it into the story, but it turned into a very interesting story called “Teddy Bear Man.”

Story #3 is going to take an old idea that I want to revisit, non-werewolf weres and mash it into the prompt, Mayday.

It took a lot of effort to get this far, to feel like I could do one story a week for a year. It was scary when I signed up for it–costs money, so it’s a really commitment.

The last two times I tried something like this, it didn’t last more than a few weeks because of my day job. I’m a knowledge worker, and the industry hasn’t figured out how to handle work.

Most of the time, it was about putting out fires, so I was staying on reactive mode all day. That’s very exhausting. I fell of the other two challenges because the day job left my energy too low to muster any creativity.

Oddly, COVID-19 forced work to slow down, and that allowed me to figure out how to balance my time better so I’m not putting out fires non-stop.

I still have other things to learn on this, so we’ll see what happens!