Story #10 weighed in as another cozy mystery with the same characters. The little white dog is Cotton in the story. Her best bud is Henry, the black down featured on Malice in Morro Bay’s cover.

What went right

This is a series for two characters who go off to have adventures and find a crime. Now that I have three done, I’m going to have to do two more and release all five as a collection. That’ll be handy for anyone wanting to pick up five of the stories written in order.

What needed improvement

I have to remind myself just to have fun. I got a little fixated on this being the tenth story. I did a challenge before called 10 Stories in 10 Weeks, which was all flash fiction. I also did Writing in Public and another 10 Stories in 10 Weeks, both of which I did not get to ten (because of work).

As a result, inner critic monkeyed its way into the story in the first scene and then bounced back into the second scene. I finally had to sign off for the night so I could disconnect it from the process and things worked better in the morning

What really went wrong

Life intervened on Tuesday. A jar broke in my hand and sliced open the outside of my thumb. I thought I would write on Tuesday, and it was just nope, nope. I needed to give my hand a little time. I was lucky there wasn’t any tendon damage. But it made me realize how much I used that particular spot.

As with the last one, here’s the behind the scenes link.