One of the biggest challenges about being a writer who doesn’t outline, or a pantser, is that the writing world expects you to outline. Everything is designed for outliners. So it’s about time we got some forms. This package will include:

  • 50 Reverse Outline Worksheets
  • 25 Individual Character Worksheet
  • 1 Character List Worksheet
  • 25 Setting Worksheets
  • What is a pantser? – an explanation from a pantser
  • Writer’s Toolkit: Cycling – instructions on a little-known writing tool for pantsers
  • Plus instructions for all of the forms

All forms are fillable PDFs, so you can save on paper waste.

What makes these worksheets different from others on the internet?

Other worksheets are one writer’s process for their writing. That may not be your process or have elements you don’t need. Writing Worksheets for Pantsers is made from information from many different authoritative sources, including best selling writers.

Other worksheets are done by outliners. Writing Worksheets for Pantsers are done by a writer who does not outline and understands the needs of those writers.

Other worksheets just give you a Microsoft Word document or a printable. Writing Worksheets for Pantsers gives you enough forms to create a novel, because we all want to spend time writing the novel, not resaving files.

I want this!