This is my collection from the Heroes/Heroines Collection class. I’m glad I took the class and I’m glad I’m done. It was a little bit too much for me. With a full time job, there’s only so much time in the day to do writing and publishing. Taking a class–or in my case, three!–it made things kind of crazy.

But I have a new collection of short stories, these from the five most recent Great Challenge stories.

Five twisted tales of the paranormal in space…

A murder, the ghost says he did it…can Hope Delgado find the truth in Ship of Dream Treasures?

In Ghost’s Obsession, a ghost creates chaos for the Hope and crew of S.C. Kangjun but it hides a deadly secret.

Hope faces insurmountable obstacles in Eavesdropper of the Stars when a ghost threatens to destroy everything.

In Places of Shadows and Threads, Hope plunges into a nightmare she may not be able to escape.

A routine training mission in Ghost’s Gambit turns into disaster for Hope…can she save her friends?

If you like space opera, read these page-turning stories for deep-space thrills and chills!

Yes, I want my copy!