Last week, a friend passed away following a battle with cancer. It felt very sudden to me, so I’ve been struggling to process it.

I knew I needed to get out and just do something. Connecting with nature often helps ground me.

Friday turned into an unexpected holiday, so I went down to a spice shop in Old Town Alexandria. But the store hours on the website were outdated, and I had an hour before they opened. Since it was a really nice day out, I decided to walk the waterfront.

The sky was beautiful and clear. Winds gusted off the river. Not cold, just enough to keep the heat of the sun at bay. But the winds also made the waters very choppy. I could hear it slopping against the shore where I took the photo below.

View of the Potomac River's choppy waters from the Alexandria shore.  Maryland is across the river.
Potomac River from the Virginia side

The city has done a lot of construction work around the waterfront. It used to be that I couldn’t walk very far. But during COVID-19, they finished everything up. There was a nice, wide walkway that went far enough that I walked a little too far with my bad feet. But I wanted to see it all!

The walkway followed the river. I passed a lot of people out like me, enjoying the sun and the water. The area has a lot of dog walkers and I passed a couple with a pair of dogs large enough to be ponies!

There lots of private docks, all locked up with “No trespassing” (I would have happily walked out to the end just because). The one below was pretty low in the water and looks like it was damaged by storms. There’s a lot of debris piled up on it. Though it’s not as obvious from this direction, there’s a section missing on the left. That end piece is not connected to the dock anymore.

A private dock, partially broken up by storms and covered with debris.
A private dock damaged by storms.

Saturday, I got out again–no pictures. Just an outing to a local restaurant and dining out on the patio. The highlight was a little black poodle. He was absolutely adorable. The owner was giving him a treat in a cup. He stood up on his back legs, urgently gulping his treat down from the cup. Everyone stopped to look at the dog!

What did you do this weekend?