The morning moonset is hiding behind clouds today…  I can see the glow of where it is through the clouds.  They blow off later in the morning, making for a gorgeous—and somewhat warm—day, especially after the few days of cold we’ve had.  Hard on the sinuses!  They don’t know what to make of it.

I spend most of my time this morning finishing up the second to last lesson on the Futures business workshop.  Taking this one to heart…leisure time.  I don’t always do enough of it, and I’m thinking I need to do something other than simply walk on Saturday.

That’s hard for me sometimes.  I’ll get into this thinking that Saturday I have to go out and have fun…sort of “mandatory fun,” which is from the military. My unit would hold a party on Saturday and require everyone to attend.  The problem with mandatory fun is that isn’t fun.  So I stop doing stuff because of that.  COVID-19 didn’t help, and museums are so restricted that it starts chipping at that fun, too.

But leisure is just as important for the writing as writing.  So I shall ponder.

No writing for me tonight.  I cut off at the end of the day and go out to eat.  By the time I come back, I’m ready to say I’m done for the evening.