We still have the tail end of the storm this morning.  Lots of gusting wind, moaning as it sweeps between the buildings.  The trees sway back and forth, branches dropping off.

Twitter first—15 minutes, and another 30 on the Future workshop.  Almost done!

Right before I go to work, I set the Windows 11 update to go.  Might as well let the computer do the work while I’m not on it, especially since it’s such a major update.

Looks a little different, and I later have to uninstall some things.

I’m tired and struggling in the evening.  I end up searching for the word “but” and work on replacing it.  I overuse it a lot, sometimes up to three times in one paragraph.  It’s not always easy to fix, so I’ll be working on that for a while.

Here are the big offenders:

1. Was

2. Were

3. Had

4. But

5. That

6. Been

7. Got

8. Then

9. Probably

12. Very

13. Looked (this one is not much of a problem for me once I started working on depth more.  Unfortunately, other crutch words were in the sentences that replaced it. Sigh).

14. Turned

15. Just

16. Even