My morning walk yields the oddity of seeing a woman waiting for the bus in what looks like—my first reaction is pajamas.  My second is a clown suit.  It’s probably an ill-advised matching outfit, the kind where you buy the top and bottom together.  It’s a pair of pants and a shirt in a fire engine red, giant white polka dots.

Twitter can do without me today.  I head on over to the Future workshop for my last 15 minutes before work.  It rains and rains and rains all day, one of those steady drizzles that gets annoying after a while. 

At lunch, TV is meh.  JAG went off, so I turned to Emergency.  They’re running the movies where the disaster and rescues became more important than the characters.  So I spend my lunch finding an image for Vanguard By Blood, building the cover, and proofreading.

At the end of the day, I’m off, out to eat.  I spot a woman with a donut umbrella.  It’s a brown cake donut, chocolate, frosting, and sprinkles.  Makes me smile.  Never be anything I’d want for myself, but a good way to wrap up Friday.

Back for more writing, though I’m dragging again.  I stop and ready a submission to go to an anthology call.  One of my 52 stories fits in with the theme, so I do a quick proofread, then spend 30 minutes formatting it to the guidelines, then send it off.  I also deal with a form rejection I got earlier in the week.  For good measure, I finish the last video of my Future workshop.