I did my walk, tried not to freeze.  Very cold out now, surprisingly early. It’s usually Thanksgiving before it gets cold like this.

I got through nearly another lesson on the Future workshop.  At lunch, I do some file cleanup. Mostly deleting.  I’m reducing my 20% by tackling clutter, which is both files and paper.  I do this more often at work.  At home, the electronic stuff tends to get neglected (time’s gotta come from somewhere).

Most of what I did was fast deleted.  I saved a lot of clipart or old photos.  I looked at some of it, though, “Nah.”  Gone.  Some were in two different places.  Sigh.

I use the PARA method, both for home and work.   I had to go back and read through some of it after I’ve used it for a while.  Ended up rearranging my home files a bit (the Areas and Resources are a little tricky).

No pantser tip today.  I’ll have another one for Monday.