We got warm enough not to have jackets in the afternoon.  A clear, pretty day.  I got in a little bit of the Future workshop this morning, but not a lot of time to do much.

Work…since it’s a short week (holiday Thursday and leave on Friday), I’m working at managing everything I need to do so it doesn’t bunch up on Wednesday and make my last day of the week stressful. 

Racing a bit through the climax now.  I’m expecting that I’ll have to do another cycling pass and probably add more setting.  But it really is starting to become, “Get it done, get it done.”  I have a hard stop in early December—actually scary for me.  I’ve had trouble hitting deadlines for novels in the past.  Yet, I knew where I was in this story and am confident I can get it done.  And still worried about it.

And onto the pantsing tip…

Maybe it’s just me, but setting’s hard to do.  It’s one of my sticking points going into a scene.  I’m thinking about what’s coming next and trying to juggle the setting at the same time.  I can’t leave it out because it then feels like I left behind a lot of the characterization.

So one thing to try is making maps.  They don’t have to be fancy or pretty.  They could be hand-drawn or like what I do, PowerPoint (I’ve done PowerPoint in my day job before).  You can jot down details on it like what the character might smell or hear. 

Better still, these can be done at any time.

You could do a map before you start the scene, just to get your mind thinking about it.

Or you could write the scene and before you cycle through again, draft up the map and see if your logic works.

And, you can share them with your newsletter afterward.