I’ll be attending Chessiecon virtually this weekend. They just posted the panels. Attending this convention is free.

My panels:

  1. Welcome to Chessiecon/First Chessiecon/Intro to S/FF
  2. Underwater Cities: Is there merit to this idea?
  3. Star Wars: What Went Wrong and What Went Right?
  4. Do Series Go On Too Long?
  5. Why Aren’t They Writing Like They Used To?
  6. Genre Mixing (I’m the moderator, so if you have any questions you want me to ask, let me know in the comments)
  7. Your Universe, Your Gods
  8. Has Fantasy Lost Its Wonder? (also a moderator. Same deal as above)

Also worth tuning in for Thomas Hotlz’ presentations if you like science. He’s a Maryland university professor who gives good presentations.