I finished off Write One Draft: How to Cycle in Your Story as You Write, ahead of the December 31 deadline I’d set for it (yay! Another win on the deadline front). This book scared me a bit as I was writing it. My inner critic, since he’s always got to show up at some point, was afraid there wouldn’t be enough material for a book.

Instead, I was surprised at the amount I did get, considering that the resources that discuss it give it a blog post-length treatment. I also redid it and the cover for the first one because I realized while I liked the dogs, probably not a good choice in the long run.

This is set for a January 25 release,

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop with my continuity edits for Superhero Portal, which should be this weekend. Next week could be interesting! I wanted this type of edit because I’m likely to see some patterns of what I do and I can work on offsetting them as I cycle.

I do have an idea for the second Dice Ford, Superhero book. Not telling anything yet. Inner critic was most reside himself though, a little panicked that I was going to have deadlines and no story…

I also did two refreshes of stories last week. Those will be in the Time is on the Loose collection, so I did double duty with my time. Having an inventory list is really important! One of the stories threw me for a bit because I did one thing differently with it and didn’t do it again. I noted that on my inventory list and also on the blurb/keywords page as well.

Thinking of a third Pantser Rebellion Guide on finding ideas.