I put together a collection of five of my Story Collector Sorceress short stories. These were part of the Great Challenge. If you like monsters and magic, these are fun stories!

Blythe casts fire magic in The Ides of Magic

Five exciting tales of swords and sorcery!

In Campfire Terror, an overnight stay turns deadly for sorceress Blythe Wayne and her swordmaster husband Gray.

A shipwreck on land? When Blythe and Gray investigate, they find more than they bargained for in Ship of Dread.

Taking a shortcut through a cave leads to danger for Blythe and Gray in Cave of Doom.

Helping a friend find a lost man, Blythe and Gray journey to Skull Cavern, an ancient site with a deadly secret.

A woman disappears into a mysterious fog. A little girl hires sorceress Blythe and Gray to find her in Hawk’s Landing.

Five gripping action-adventures tales to keep you turning pages.

And you can find this right here!