Shadows of the paranormal are forced into the spotlight in this spooky collection of short stories from Writers of the Future Silver Honorable mention Linda Maye Adams.

“Giant Hunter|” delivers an imaginative story about a dog that hunts the supernatural and finds a stranded giant.

A sasquatch shapeshifter struggles to reconcile her past as her world closes on her in the twisted story “Hunted.”

An old adversary returns from the dead to stalk the “Spy Wolf” in this tense shapeshifter story.

A private detective digs up a deadly secret when she and her grandfather’s ghost investigate a missing woman in “The August Ghost.”

In the gloriously fun witchy “Favor for A Potion” the potions master just wants a good night’s sleep—not attention from the Magic Mob.

Five twisted and fun urban fantasy tales to chase away the shadows.

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