For my first week, it was a success at getting the word count (and coconut ice cream!). This is the breakdown:

Creative Voice

Space Dutchman (novella)

  • Saturday – 808
  • Sunday – 838
  • Monday – 855
  • Tuesday – 801
  • Wednesday – 830

Time Management for Fiction Writers (non-fiction)

  • Sunday – 895
  • Wednesday – 1063

For the novella, the number I set myself was high enough that I could see the total word count rising significantly. So big wins there. 😊

Critical Voice

It didn’t like the requirement for 800 words. As you can see from the numbers, I didn’t go much above the minimum, so that’ll be something in the future to work on. I also watched the word count, so that’s another habit I want to break.

I also did the Time Management writing first, and critical voice kept saying, “But you already have 800 words. You don’t need to do the novella.”

This is why one of my rules was that I had to do both.

It took me about 90 minutes to do the 800 words. I’m not sure if that’s critical voice or because I’m doing a lot of setting. It’s much easier to get it into the story than in the past, but I still sometimes feel like I have to rewire my brain.


My admin plan started as doing a refresh of Golden Lies. But I changed course to building a publisher website. I want to take advantage of reviews for both of the above books. I can’t do that without a publisher site. It’s a pretty big project so I’ll be whittling at it. The company name: Bad Gnome Press.