This week, I didn’t get any writing done. I caught a cold over the weekend. The military side of me said, “Accomplish the mission,” but if I did that, I would be sick longer.

Towards the end of the week, I was well enough to finish up a collection for release on December 6.

Five fantasy tales of the sea, rivers, and lakes from Writers of the Future Silver Honorable Mention winner Linda Maye Adams.

In Family Places, an old sea tale Christine Webb’s grandfather told her as a child lingers in her memories. Can mermaids leave messages in bottles? A Writers of the Future Honorable Mention story!

Grace Carrington kills the monsters that lurk in deep waters in Dark from the Sea. But an attack comes from an unexpected enemy: success. The Lighthouse Board believes hunter Grace is obsolete.

Water mage Eleri races against time to track down magic poisoning a local stream near her village in Stitching Streams.

In Spooner’s Cove, map mage Tallis makes a sinister discovery—ships in a remote cove, portending an attack.

A mysterious boat wrecked on a lakeshore hides secrets. An obsessed man, determined to destroy the boat. Amanda Wheeler races to find answers before obsession turns deadly in Lake of Whispers.

Dive into this exciting collection of twisted tales of water.

Preorder here!