This week was a rough week for my writing. Something changed in the weather—can’t really tell what it was. But I’ve had sinus headaches all week.

Still, I managed to wrap up the end of the month—from when I started tracking the totals—at 9,100 words. I’m using a tracker I discovered at 20 Books from It’s not like the normal trackers. The writer is an artist and there are some beautiful images to select from. But it also has a column for notes (most of which this week were “sinus headache.” Ugh).

I also had to tackle some admin issues. Norton Utilities kept warning me that my hard drive was low on resources, so I used the time to start migrating files to the D drive.

This has been more complicated than it sounded. Just like if you’re moving from one house to another, I didn’t want to move something I no longer needed. I reviewed my writing workshops and deleted two that really didn’t fit where I am now and one that I had bad associations with.

Though PARA greatly simplified my digital filing, I still discovered I’d put files in two different places. The biggest thing I needed to keep in mind was that if I’m not updating the file, it should go into the archives.

I also hit the unfinished projects. Any novels (a mystery, two fantasy, and one science fiction), I put into Atticus so I could work on them, rather than have them hide in a folder.

Finally, I attended Year of the Puppy from Smithsonian Associates. This was a fun lecture by a woman who studied how puppies developed from birth. She got with a woman fostering a mutt that had 11 puppies and visited once a week. That gave her opportunities to see the evolution of the puppies. At about three weeks was when their eyes opened and their personalities developed.

She also adopted one of the puppies and reported that it took her six months to like the dog. I thought this was fascinating from the writerly perspective. The addition of the dog disrupted every relationship in the house because it changed the dynamics.

Alas, no puppy pictures though. I do have some horse pictures though…